Friday, 5 September 2014
Breaking News Update Sept 5

We got the word this afternoon that the parts required to fix the View will not be in Billings until Monday. That means there is no way we can make the Rally in Grand Marais since the earliest we could leave would be Tuesday. By the time we could get there it would be over. I am really sorry to disappoint our many friends that are attending as I won't be able to present pictures of our latest adventures. The only good news is the dealer has loaned us the dark blue Mercedes E350 in front of our view. They moved the grey Mercedes in the previous post to another slot so we can now get at our outside bins and run the generator when we need the microwave.  We used the car to buy water which we were able to pour direclty into our water tank which now has a removable port on top.   

Posted on 09/05/2014 6:23 PM by Bob Duthie
6 Sep 2014
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Well it doesn't sound like you are too badly off.  At least you have a nice car to drive around in.  Hope you can find some good places to eat.

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