Friday, 6 March 2015
Winter Storm in March

Florida-Texas Coast Tour 2015 Mar 5-6

On the night of the 4th in Hope,  we listened to rain which then turned to sleet around 10:00PM. Next morning we had 3"-4" of snow on the ground. When the sun came out, where the roads had been plowed, the Interstate was bare and dry. We decided to move out around ten after a breakfast aboard of scramble eggs, sausage, toast and jam. Our destination was Little Rock about 120 miles away. About 30 miles out we came to a dead stop for an hour. One man walked ahead to see what was holding us up and reported it was a Dollar General truck that had spun out and blocked the east bound lanes of the interstate. Two snow plows came by and plowed the right shoulder. The probably helped the truck get going again. You have all seen the signs warning of ice on bridges. Well we never had a problem going over the bridges, but where ice did form was under the overpass bridges. We kept going and then at Malvern our GPS said there was another blockage and we could take an alternate route. The distance of the alternate route was about equal to the distance we had already covered so I said the heck with that. I found a RV park near Hot Springs, and we stayed there. It got very cold that night and our water system froze up. In 91,000 miles that had never happened. We left abound 9:30AM and took a backroad to Little Rock. The sun warmed up the View and we had water again.

Clinton Presidential Center

We got to Little Rock at 11:30AM and went straight to the Clinton Presidential Center. They were still trying to plow the parking lot and clean off the sidewalk at the entrance. We got in free because the government employees that collect the ticket money didn't show up for work.  The building is spectacular but with so much glass on a sunny day the exhibits are hard to photograph. There is one huge exhibit for every year of Clinton's presidency. There is so much text to read in each exhibit you could spend days there just reading. They collected 80,000,000 pages of documents and fortunately have only put 2-3% on display. There is a full scale reproduction of the oval office and the cabinet room from the White House that are very well done. There is a very good restaurant on the lowest level where we had a soup and sandwich lunch. The décor and china were impressive and the effect is to make you think you are having lunch in the White House.

Tom Sawyer RV Park on the Mississippi

We were back on the Interstate at 2:00PM. I-40 was in terrible shape with bone breaking pot holes mostly in the right lane. The result was almost everyone drove in the left lane doing 65-70. It won't take long before the left lane is destroyed as well along with a lot of suspensions, tires, and wheels.  I finally joined the left lane and had to go much faster than I wanted to. I decided to stay at the Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis AR because I thought it was beside the Mississippi River. That would make a fitting end to our 91,000 miles on the View. The entrance roads were pretty bad but the park is very nice and really beside the river. I have never seen tow boats come by so close except when we are on our boat. I asked the manager what happens when the river floods. She said they get 10 days' notice when a flood is coming and did I notice that every building in the park is on wheels!  We are in for another cold night, but tonight will be the last of it for the rest of this year we hope.

Posted on 03/06/2015 10:11 PM by Bob Duthie
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