Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Touring Lake Huron & Thousand Islands

Ferry to Tobermory

The ferry left and arrive exactly on time. We had lunch on the boat and enjoyed the ride. Both the bow and stern open so we went on through the stern and off through the bow. Larger ferries have a turn around inside so you go on and off through the bow.

Brighton RV Park

We stayed at a KOA Campground with new owners beside Highway 401. They were excited to learn about RVillage as they are still working on their marketing plan. The site we chose turn out to be not very level and I managed to get in a jam with a fire ring made out of a truck wheel rim. We had to dig the wheel out so I could drive off to another site that really was level. There was no damage to the outside but there is some damage underneath the side panel. I talked to my insurance company (Progressive) and they said they would record the incident as a no fault accident. Not good for a new motorhome just 4 months old.  We will worry about getting the damage fixed when we get back to Nashville.

Brockville on the St Lawrence River

This is the town close to where Mavis grew up. I started my career there in 1962. While Nashville is now growing at a rate of 500 people per day, Brockville has only grown 2,000 people since 1975 a rate of 0.1 people per day. The locals have doubts the 2,000 is right. However, it's a beautiful old town on the St Lawrence River with lots of limestone buildings. It is now a successful retirement community with a new 14 story condo, hotel, and adventure center overlooking the river (see photo).

Alexandria Bay

We cleared US Customs with almost just a wave from the officer and went a few miles to a new campground, Swan Point Resort.  This is a new park in Alexandria Bay, NY that is probably the best new park in the country!  Our site was right on the St Lawrence River where we could watch the ocean going ships going by (see photo). The sites are level concrete with power, water, and sewer. The pedestal is on the left side when you enter the site which means you can watch the river out the sides and windshield. There is a large grocery store a 100 yards away with a paved sidewalk to it.  There is still lots of work going on to finish the park but the parts that are open are first class. We went there for one night and stayed for three.  Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, and the Antique Boat Museum were all visited and nearby (top row of photos in same order). Boldt Castle is owned by the 1000 Islands Bridge Authority and has been 80% beautifully restored since our last visit in the 70's when it was in ruins. (see photo comparison) and dining room. I was told $39 million had been spent so far all funds coming from bridge tolls. Singer Castle (top center) is privately owned and is 9 miles downstream from Boldt Castle.





Posted on 09/29/2015 10:31 PM by Bob Duthie
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