Monday, 8 August 2016
Fourth Day on Magdalen Islands

This morning was the best weather yet on the Islands. There are no bugs, no humidity and no need for heat or AC. The storm had passed, it was sunny, and for the first time there was very little wind. So it was a bad day for kite boarders. I made reservations to take to take a boat trip to Enter Island tomorrow. It is 10 miles by water, about 4 square miles in size, and has the highest point of land in the islands. We had breakfast aboard the Trend and then I set out to walk around the park. As I was leaving a sister RV, a Viva, came by and I caught a photo of two units together. One area of the park is in the woods and has tent campsites for people that want to be out of the wind. There is a laundry building in the park but some people still prefer to hang their laundry on lines and dry with the wind. Going down to the beach the tide was out and I could get close to a niche in the rocks with an artemisia (mugwort) plant growing there. I washed the salt spray off the windows and spent the rest of the day reading Ann of Green Gables and relaxing. There is no TV here at all and we have to use the Internet sparingly to avoid big penalties from Verizon. However, the Internet does work very well to my surprise. There are several very tall towers. The wildlife is mostly cormorants.

Posted on 08/08/2016 7:03 AM by Bob Duthie
9 Aug 2016
Dave Delaney
Looks like quite the adventure. Have fun. 

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