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Day 3 Oct 19 Pebble Isle to Double Island

Meander and Katy Leigh anchored at Double IslandMeander also stayed at Pebble Isle. We had met the Coopers, in Green Turtle Bay at the ice cream shop last May while they were waiting for the floods to recede on the Ohio. It was agreed we would watch for each other on the cruise. We would not travel together because our speeds were slightly different. Breakfast was at the caf?. As soon as the fog cleared we left our Kenlake friends at 9:15AM amid tears (of joy?) and headed south while their 5 boats left soon after. It was another cloudless warm day. We agreed with Meander to meet and anchor at Double Island. We arrived about 4:15pm and dropped the hook just upstream from Meander. I put the dinghy down and cruised over to the beach on the island we were behind. While the sand looked firm, my first step went in mud up to my ankle. So much for a walk on the beach. The current kept us straight, however, that night the current virtually stopped and we wound up touching the bottom.

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