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Day 9 Oct 25 Columbus to Sumpter Anchorage

Snagboat Montgomery at the Bevill LockDay 9 Oct 25 We left at 7:00am and cleared the Stennis Lock by 7:30AM. It was all river travel with one more lock before we got to the Sumpter anchorage at 3:30PM. Around noon we crossed into Alabama. At the Bevill Lock there is a handsome resource center with the old snagboat Montgomery mounted on a platform beside it. Snagboats are used to remove fallen trees or snags from rivers. The entrance to the cove at Sumter is a little shallow (4-6 ft) but once inside there is lots of water in the totally enclosed cove. We used the chain anchor for the second time with little difficulty. Launching the dingy we went over to Meander for drinks (Gentleman Jack) and barbequed turkey breast. The weather forecast called for thunderstorms. We had some rain but the storms went around us.

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