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Day 11 Oct 27 A Lesson in Locking Etiquette

Passing a tow at White Cliffs of Epes, Mile 250We left Sumter at 5:45AM with the first daylight. There has been no cellphone service for the past 2 days. The lock 4.5 miles away was ready and waiting when three of the four boats at Sumter arrived. The lockmaster was closing the gates when the fourth boat called. Although he said he was two miles away he must have been still at Sumter. We had to wait half an hour for him to arrive. Meander did a good job of disciplining him, but he said he had slept in and had no remorse. We passed this tow at the White Cliffs of Epes, aboout mile 250.  It was a relatively short distance (55 miles) to Demopolis, AL. We got to Demopolis Yacht Basin around noon, and filled up with 160 gallons of diesel. There is a good laundry there for Mavis and I changed the generator oil. The only cell service was roaming so there was no email. We used the courtesy car to go shopping and had dinner at Pizza Hut. It was early to bed to be up at 5:00AM to make a 5:30AM departure. This kind of boating is strictly sunup to sundown.

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