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Day 13 Oct 29 Bobby's to Bates Lake

Thick fog leaving Coffeeville LockIt was an early day again. Leaving at 5:30AM we got to the Coffeeville Lock at 6:00AM. Coming out of the lock, we found thick fog for the next several miles. Radar and GPS really help in this situation. The river is now wider and the banks rockier. We are in one of the wildest parts of the southeast. You have to go 10 miles in either direction to find a road. There are no marinas and few places to anchor since the river has silted in the entrance to most of the creeks. We got to Bates Lake about 1:00PM and were able to get across the bar. It was too shallow for Meander and they went on a mile or so to the Alabama River Cutoff. We rafted to Barron, a 45ft Bayliner pilot house cruiser. Two more boats came in later and we all rafted together. The dingy was launched for a tour of Bates Lake. Lots of cypress and Spanish moss but no alligators yet. The best time to email now is in the morning since we go to bed before the cheap rates cut in at 9:00PM but we have lots of time before 7:00AM.

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