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Day 15 Oct 31 Dog River to Fairhope

Fairhope Yacht Club at sunsetMeander left at 8:00AM for Pensacola. We won't see them again until spring when we will dock at their home in Vero Beach. We left at 9:00AM with tens of diving pelicans. The crossing to Fairhope was pretty calm with east winds not exceeding 10 mph. I had plotted a course for the GPS which worked perfectly bringing us to the exact point the channel into Fairhope starts. A dingy was sent out to guide us into the harbor. This weekend is the beginning of the AGLCA (America's Great Loop Cruisers Association) Rendezvous. It is very well organized with activities every day. A yacht club and two marinas are participating and 26 boats are expected. We used the courtesy car to visit Fairhope briefly. This is one of the towns ranked in the top 10 retirement communities in America. There are lots of fancy shops catering to grand parents. We had dinner aboard. Not our usual Halloween, I doubt if any kids will visit the boat. The sunset photo is from the Katy Leigh in the harbor at the Eastern Shore Marina.

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