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Day 16 Nov 2 Fort Morgan

Beach home at Gulf ShoresI don't know why we bought shrimp. It seems they can fly. Last night one hopped out of the water into our dingy. This morning I installed a second check valve in the manual bilge pump so now I can really pump the bilge dry. Then we drove down through Point Clear where the Grand Hotel is located and on to Fort Morgan through Gulf Shores. Fort Morgan is on a 22 mile long narrow barrier peninsula. Except for a few park areas, there are beach homes from one end to the other. The photo shows the last one before the fort. Fort Morgan was built in 1813 and saw considerable action during the Civil War. It was also used right up to after the Second World War. It guards the entrance to Mobile Bay. On the way back we shopped in the huge strip mall just south of Foley.

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