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Day 16 Nov 3 Touring Battleship Park

USS Alabama at Battleship ParkToday was the tour to Battleship Park. It was a chance to tour the USS Alabama, a Second World War battleship, and submarine. The battleship tour involved going down 3 layers and up 10 from there. It took about 2 hours to see just the battleship. The tours are self guided. The ship is very well maintained and impressive to see. I hunted high and low for the captain's cabin and finally found it on level 4. It was pretty spartan and not what I imagined a captain would be entitled to. When the ship is underway the Captain has a second, even more spartan cabin in the tower. I took pictures of the ships medical operating room that we might be able to use in some of our healthcare projects at work. We had lunch at a wine and cheese restaurant in Fairhope and returned to the boat to work on my last project running a DC power cable to the freezer. During the last two weeks we had to run the generator a lot just to run the small freezer we have. It has a DC connection so when we are underway the engine alternator will provide power and we will not need to run the generator, except to charge the batteries at night. This evening was the welcome party for the America's Great Loop Cruising Association rendezvous. Ron and Eva Stob, authors of the book ?Honey, Let's Get A Boat . . .? and founders of the organization put on the party. I had a good talk with Ron and we may collaborate on an electronic guide to the Great Loop.

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