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Day 22 Nov 9 Scipio Creek Marina in Apalachicola

Scipio Creek Marina in ApalachicolaWe crossed the time zone today so the sun now sets at 5:45pm instead of 4:45pm. Of course it comes up an hour later so we don't gain any more daylight. We left Panama City at 7:30 on a cloudy windy morning. Much of the day was in canal so the most exciting event was a wide spot called Lake Wimico where if you stray as much as 6 inches from the channel you will be aground. It is absolutely straight with day markers on both sides so with that and the GPS we didn't have any problem. We got to Apalachicola at 3:00PM so there was not enough time to get to Carrabelle before dark. We tied up at the Scipio Creek Marina which is very good with new docks. The town is 3 blocks away and has several interesting buildings and ante bellum homes. The building in the picture was the original sponge exchange built in 1836. It's a fishing village so there are lots of shrimp and fishing boats. Saturday everything was closed in Panama City, today everything is closed in Apalachicola.

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