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Day 23 Nov 10 Moorings Marina at Carrabelle

Moorings Marina at CarrabelleIt was 3.5 hours to reach Carrabelle. The weather was overcast and winds were about 10-15 knots waves at times were 3 feet high. The Moorings Marina at Carrabelle is one of the best yet. There is an IGA and hardware store right across the street. The state has a big police boat here that was called into a rescue last night. People on a 35 foot sailboat were so beaten up by the waves they abandoned their boat when the rescue boat arrived. Now the coast guard is out looking for their sailboat. The Swinea's (our crew for the crossing) arrive tonight at 6:00PM. We will leave tomorrow around 4:00PM and get to Tarpon Springs after an overnight cruise at about 10:00AM.

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