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Day 26 Nov 13 Tarpon Springs Bus Tour

Tarpon Springs Bus TourDoc and Eileen Wilson (Kenlake boaters) arrived at 8:00AM to take the Swinea's to Tampa airport and had a visit with us all. At noon I was able to attend the Tarpon Springs Rotary Club. An architect showed gorgeous pictures of the islands and shoals near here taken from his home made sea plane. In the afternoon we took the bus tour of town then it was clean up time to remove all the salt acquired from the waves that pounded us all day yesterday. The cold front has now arrived and the wind is so high a palm branch blew off onto the bow deck of our boat. The rest of the trip will be short; 25 miles to Clearwater, 25 miles to St. Petersburg, 25 miles to Palmetto and 5 miles to Marlow Marine where the boat will be hauled out till spring.

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