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Day 33 Wednesday April 28 Great Dismal Swamp Canal to Norfolk

Great Dismal Swamp Canal to NorfolkWe had 17 more miles of the Great Dismal Swamp Canal to make the 1100AM opening. The lockmaster said that the Corps of Engineers plans to close the canal down for good in October to save $400K. That would be a real shame as it is such a beautiful place unlike any other. You can learn more on the website at From there it was just 11 miles to Norfolk. The harbor is huge with lots of activity and naval ships. There is a Naval Museum with the battleship Wisconsin preserved for active duty. It is a free tour but visitors are not allowed inside. The marina and waterfront are better than any we have seen. This downtown is really alive with a full scale shopping center just 4 blocks from the marina. Tonight we went to a movie there.

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