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Day 7 Wednesday September 8 Cape May

View from the Cape May lighthouse There was a rainstorm during the night but today it only sprinkled every now and then. We rented a car and did our shopping. I bought a new VHF radio with a built-in loud hailer and fog horn. I was able to replace two old units dating back to 1981 with one new box. It is now easier to see out the windshield. Another trip downtown and then we went out to the Cape May lighthouse. It has a working Coast Guard light but is now owned by an historical society. We climbed the 159 ft to the top. The view was magnificent. Dinner was aboard with crab cakes bought at the Lobster House Market. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not so good with thunderstorms, winds SE 15 kts gusting 20 to 25 kts and 4 to 7 foot waves. I think we will stay here for another day.

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