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Day 10 Saturday September 11 Atlantic City to Manasquan

Shark fishing Today was mostly cloudy and for the first time, cool. We cruised 44.1 miles in the ICW to Manasquan. Mile Zero at Manasquan Inlet is the end (or beginning) of the ICW. In spite of all the dire warnings about how shallow the ICW is in New Jersey we did not have any problem and never touched bottom anywhere. Although the sounder read 0.3 ft under the keel at one point. We docked at Hoffman Marina, a deep sea fishing harbor and refueling stop. I was surprised that the tides in Barnegat Bay just south of here are only a few inches, but here they are 4 feet. The current is very swift. A lot of water is going somewhere. Tomorrow we will have a late departure. It seems that the Hudson River will be closed from noon to 4:00PM for a boat race that it is held this weekend every year. Two of the big marinas would only let us stay for tomorrow night as there is a boat show next weekend and they have to clear the harbor. We will be at the Newport Marina which is on the NJ side just below the Holland Tunnel. There is supposed to be a subway stop at the marina so that will be handy for going into Manhattan. Shark fishing is big in this area and one of the boats here caught a big shark this afternoon and proceeded to butcher it on the dock (see photo).

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