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Day 19 Monday September 20 Headed for Waterford

Waterford Visitors Center We left early to take advantage of the tide which has an impact as far north as Troy (just above Albany). It was cold so I tried to start the generator to get some heat, but its 5 year old battery was dead and will not hold a charge. When we got to Troy the dock master drove me to NAPA and I was able to get a new battery. We bought 60 gallons of diesel (enough to finish this leg) at $2.19 per gallon and headed through the Troy lock for Waterford. We arrived at Waterford at 2:00PM. Waterford is the entrance to the Erie Canal which is now a major tourist attraction in New York state. What a great place. (see photo of the visitors center.) Floating docks, electricity, great company with two other Grand Banks, and a party on the dock at 5:30PM. Best of all, the price is free for two days and then $10 per day thereafter. The town dates back to the American Revolution. Downtown is just a couple of blocks away and has a great breakfast restaurant ($1.55 for 2 eggs with toast). It seems that Ivan and Francis caused so much rain that the Erie is now closed at Lock 8 because of high water and trash. We may be here for a couple of days. We will check in the morning.

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