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Day 24 Saturday September 25 Rome to Sylvan Beach

It was just 15 miles to cruise to Sylvan Beach. This is a summer place at the east end of Oneida Lake, the largest lake contained within New York state. Summer is over here, just about everything was closed except the small supermarket. We tied up at the public dock and ran the generator again. However, the price is right as there is no charge. At 3:35 NOAA announced we would be getting heavy rain at 4:05PM. They were almost right it started at 4:00PM. The large cruiser in front of us in the picture is a 48 foot wood 1958 Chris Craft. The owner bought it to fix it up and sell it. He has done a lot of work but hasn't found a buyer. He thinks that because it has gas engines and no air conditioning is the reason it won't sell. I think he is right. 

He lit his BBQ on the dock just before the rain storm started. Then when the rain started he took it into his aft deck, poured more starter fluid on it, and lit it again. It's a wonder he didn't burn his boat up. We have to finish up all the food we bought on our first day so we had dinner aboard. Tonight will be movie night with the generator powering the DVD.

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