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Day 26 Monday September 27 Brewerton

Maintenance at Winter Harbor Marina Enterprise Car Rental dropped off a car at 7:30AM. Much of the morning was spent with Jim Stewart, Service Manager for Winter Harbor. He showed examples of the work they do that were very impressive. He showed us how he removed the fuel tanks from a Grand Banks by cutting a large hole through the bottom rather than the side. After he looked at our boat and gave us estimates, we agreed to have the superstructure painted and a bow thruster installed during the winter. Since the shed is heated they can work on boats all winter.

In the afternoon we took the car and drove downtown. It is very confusing driving as the streets go in every direction. We never did find the Canal Museum but we did see the vast Carousel Mall. Dinner was at DG's. The food was great but we had been warned that their servings were huge so we shared everything. Another couple that is wintering here came over after dinner. He retired as an IRS Enforcement Officer and she retired as a parole officer. It was interesting to learn their perspective on life in those jobs. They have an almost new 36' Trawler Cat and now live in Charlevoix, Michigan.

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