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Day 27 Tuesday September 28 Last day onboard

Katy LeighThe last day onboard is cleanup time and packing. We also have to write down what we left on the boat as it simplifies packing and shopping for our return in May 2005. We pumped out the holding tank, drained the water tank and were hauled out at 11:00AM. The bottom was in perfect condition as was the prop and shaft. The float we hit off Atlantic City did not do any damage. With nothing left to do we took the rental car back and were dropped off at the airport, 4 hours before flight time. Things are so slow at this airport that the staff went out of their way to help us check in, carry our bags and go through security.

Well that winds up the blog for Leg#3. Come back next May for the grand finale Brewerton NY to Kenlake Marina at Aurora KY.

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