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Day 37 Friday June 17 Regatta Point on Franklin Island

kayakersAnd another grey rainy day but not as much rain as yesterday. It was a 24 mile cruise through the rocks to Regatta Point on Franklin Island. It is a Provincial Park north of Parry Sound. There was a sail boat in the bay when we got here. We had a get together with Val and Flora. He spent 30 years with Bell Canada. Born in Switzerland he went to school in Germany during the second world war and emigrated to Canada in 1952. Having experienced Communism in Europe he is very pro American and doesn't mind telling us. We had a very interesting conversation and polished off the rest of the red wine. During the afternoon a college group came in on very fancy 25 ft kayaks. They are on a four day cruise. I think the kayak has pretty well replaced the canoe here. They set up camp on the rocks. At dusk 2 small cruisers arrived. They must have been here before and because the knew what they were doing and tied up to the rocks around the bay. The cell phone service is very poor here so this entry in the blog will be delayed. (Message sent while underway off Byng Inlet). Lat 45.38 Long 80.33

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