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Day 42 Wednesday June 22 Whaleback Channel

rocks outside South Benjamin IslandThe photo shows some of the rocks outside South Benjamin Island last evening. I cruised over in the dingy when the waves had settled down. Around 1:00AM the wind started to blow from the north west in the anchorage. The flags on the mast bang against the side stays and kept waking us up. Finally at 2:00AM I had to go out and take them down. Slept like a log the rest of the night and the anchor did not budge. We hauled up the anchor at 8:00AM. The water was so clear we could see how it had buried itself in the mud on the bottom 12 feet down. We cruised the Whaleback Channel to Blind River. Blind River was the white pine capital of Canada at one time with a big mill. Now there is only a small operation left. The marina here is large and well run but lacks boats. Everyone is concerned that this will be a slow year. A 1978 41 ft Chris Craft sedan cruiser, Sticky Wicket, pulled in and is the only other transient tonight. The boat has been completely rebuilt with new everything including the wiring and is gorgeous. There are a pair of Stidd chairs at the helm. Lat 46.18 Long 82.97

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