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Day 43 Thursday June 23 Drummond

DrummondAll the weather forecasts were good. We left Blind River at 8:00AM in overcast. Soon the waves were 3-5 ft and we were bouncing around pretty good. Then the radio started talking about severe thunderstorms for Northern Lake Michigan. We went 5 miles extra to reduce the rolling as it was a southwest wind. Finally off the northern coast of Drummond the waves settled down and the sun came out. The water is a beautiful green color (see photo). The marina at Drummond is also the US Customs port of entry. We just provided our Canadian entry number and the US Customs Sticker number. The lady filled in a form and we were back in the USA. We walked a mile to the grocery store but found it was just being set up for the summer. Next we went over to the Post Office and found it closed. However, the local museum was open and free. The island was settled by Finnish people around 1905. Back at the marina we rented a Ford Expedition ($8 to the family restaurant or $15 to the gourmet restaurant). We choose the $8 option. What a monster of a vehicle. We probably used up $8 in gas. Lat 46.0 Long 83.75

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