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Day 45 Saturday June 25 Mackinac Island

Mavis enjoys the lilacsIt's the Fudge Capital of the USA. We made it to Mackinac Island in 5 hours from De Tour and got a slip without difficulty. Mackinac seems to be prospering with crowds of people, dozens of fudge shops, museums and gorgeous Victorian buildings. Everything seems to be newly painted. The lilacs are just about over but the clump in the photo was right at the marina. I checked a history book and determined that during the Civil War Tennessean southern sympathizers were if fact kept in the Fort here. Tonight we will have dinner at the Grand Hotel. There is wifi at the docks at $3.95 for two hours. Considering it is two days since we could get to the Internet it is worth it. Lat 45.84 Long 84.61

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