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Day 47 Monday June 27 Crossing Gray's Reef channel

Gray's Reef LightCell phone access to the Internet appears to be a lost cause now. The computer refuses to connect. Cingular had 3 different people work on the problem, and our office experts have also worked on the problem. I have put many hours into trying this and that and nothing has restored service. Accordingly we will only be able to update the blog when we have wifi access. Today we traveled through the dreaded Gray's Reef channel. This area is the shipping graveyard of Lake Michigan. It is also like the Bermuda Triangle with boats just disappearing. (see photo of Gray's Reef Light). However, we made it to Beaver Island safely and tied up at the Beaver Island Marina because the guide book said they had Internet service as compared to the Town Dock that does not have Internet service. The Internet service is nothing more than an analog phone line which you can only use during 'off' hours at the marina office. Beaver Island has to be one of the most remote areas in the USA as it is 33 miles by water to the nearest mainland town, Charlevoix. The ferry only runs from April 11 to December 23rd. There are several good restaurants and the super market is close to the dock. Mavis found a wine there that is no longer available in Nashville. Lat 45.75 Long 85.51

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