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Day 51 Friday July 1 Leland

spectacular sunset

Yesterday closed with a spectacular sunset. This far north the sunsets last for what seems to be about an hour. Twilight goes on for another hour. The wind blew all night and the lines creaked endlessly. This morning the weather was true to the forecast with rain and high winds. The temperature dropped to the low 60s. I measured gusts to 22 mph. Not a single boat left the marina and none came in. Only the ferry to South Manitou Island left this morning. It would be a cold and wet crossing with the waves directly on the bow. You can see the island 12 miles away in the photo just on top of the breakwater. The forecast for tomorrow is much better so we expect to head out again. The dock here is one of the main attractions of 'Fishtown' so there is an endless parade of visitors going back and forth. We visited the beach, museum and some additional gift shops. The museum displayed mostly paintings done by the Indiana equivalent of the Canadian Group of Seven called the Hoosier Group. They were autumn and lake views of the area. We learned that the name Carp River was changed to the Leland River some time ago. The city fathers must have thought that naming their river after a trash fish was not a good name to attract visitors.

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