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Day 56 Wednesday July 6 Eldean Shipyard

World's Cup class sailboatsThe weather forecast had deteriorated some with 10-20 knot North winds and 3-5 ft waves. For Thursday they had forecast calm to 10 knots but now forecast 10-20 knot Northeast winds with waves 2-4 ft. The actual turned out to be 1-2 ft swells and winds of 5-10. If this holds we should have a relatively smooth crossing tomorrow. The main issue was where to start the crossing. It is 83 miles to Chicago from Holland and 76 miles from South Haven. South Haven is another 3 hours south of Holland and you only save an hour on the crossing. So we elected to go to Holland which was our original plan anyway. We are at Eldean Shipyard which is the biggest marina we have seen anywhere. There are 3 huge storage buildings and several hundred slips. It is mostly sailboats here. There are a two World's Cup class sailboats being polished for the Mackinac Race in a week or so (see photo). The Denali (blue hull) is American and the Beau Geste is from Hong Kong. Lat 42.77 Long 86.20

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