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Day 61 Monday July 11 Wilmington to Henry

old lock wallWe were out of Wilmington before 8:00 and before the marina opened. It will be interesting to see what we are billed for the night as we arrived after it had closed. It was an 80 mile day with 3 locks. The average time for each lock was 53 minutes. The longest wait was at Starved Rock Lock where a split tow was going down before us. The barges go down first without the tow boat. The barges are pulled out of the lock with a winch. They fill the lock and then the tow boat goes down. We were allowed down with the tow boat. It was tricky getting past the tow boat with its thrusters pushing us toward the wall and then going around the barges. We made it without a scrape. We called Henry Harbor and made a reservation. Arriving there was no one to answer the radio, the cell phone had no signal and following the signs to the transient dock we ran aground. (Third time in a day). However, as the bottom is soft mud we backed out and then tied up to trees against the old lock wall that is here. (see photo). The power comes from an ancient board beside the road and the water runs from a plastic pipe lying on the ground. Our new concern is Hurricane Dennis. If it drops 10" of rain the rivers may flood and delay our return to Kenlake. Lat 41.11 Long 89.35

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