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Day 63 Wednesday July 13 Cruise to Beardstown

BeardstownToday was a long day with a 70 mile cruise to Beardstown IL. We met one boat on the way, a trawler being delivered by a captain to Michigan. There is no marina here just a barge company that lets you tie up for $20. We are actually tied to what appears to be a retired tow boat as all the space along the barge was being used. To get to town you weave your way around a bunch of telephone poles, various pieces of scrap, and then scale the flood wall up a catwalk (see photo). The town does not appear to be very prosperous and perhaps never was. We walked about 7 blocks to a small supermarket. As there is no power or water here we are running the generator so we can have air conditioning. It is 87 degrees outside. The satellite TV can't get a signal here and the over the air TV only has one very weak station. It is not your ideal place to tie up but the only place in a 160 mile stretch of river. Lat 40.02 Long 90.44

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