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Day 4 Grand Harbor to Aqua to Florence AL

It turned out that the yacht "Bullish" also belongs to the new owner of Grand Harbor a David Woods from Jackson TN. His daughter was working in the marina store. I gave her a demo of our CD-ROM and this afternoon we learned they are going to carry it at the store.  The diver did not return the phone call. We moved the boat to a jet ski dock and tried to reach the bow thruster tunnel but it is just too far down for my arm. Fortunately, Aqua Yacht Harbor said they could haul the boat if we came right over. It is about 2 miles down Yellow Creek. We hauled the boat and found nothing in the tunnel. I put a new fuse in the circuit and the thruster worked. It draws 580 amps through a 300 amp fuse. However, the fuse is designed to not blow until 30 seconds of 600 amps. If the current rises due a blockage it can blow in 2 seconds. It would appear that either a gar fish or turtle got in the tunnel and was there when I turned it on. The Aqua people power washed the algae off, exchanged the prop which had a small nick and we were underway at 11:30AM. We were very impressed with the all the people at Aqua and their customer service attitude. I also learned that we had no blisters 3.5 years after Green Turtle Bay shaved the bottom and covered it with epoxy. The bottom paint will be good until next spring.  We arrived at Florence at 4:25 and tied up near the replica of Christopher Columbus ship the "Nina". We had a long talk with the Captain who has sailed the Nina on the loop (see photo). Tomorrow we will go 3 miles to the Wilson Lock which was badly damaged by a barge a few weeks ago. They are using the ancient auxilliary lock which can only handle one barge at a time with a double lift so it is very slow. Hopefully, we can wait here at the dock and only show up when they are ready for us. After clearing the lock we will cruise 5 more miles to the Turtle Creek Yacht Club.

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