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Day 7 Decatur to Guntersville, AL

It rained just about all night. Today was cloudy all the way until we were docked at Alred Marina. Then the sun came out. There was just one lock today but overall the cruise took 7.5 hours to go 52 miles. We bucked a 2-2.5 mph current for most of the way. We borrowed the courtesy van and went into town to do laundry, grocery shopping, and have dinner. Russ at the marina recommended the Top O' The River restaurant and it was great. While its specialty is catfish we both had the shrimp scampi which came with corn bread, pickled onion, cold slaw, and a baked potato. All for $10.95. The restaurant is very large, must seat several hundred, and is right on the water. We watched the sunset out the windows and took this photo just outside the window. Tomorrow will be a short cruise to Jackson County Park near Scottsboro AL.

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