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Day 13 Soddy Daisy to Ten Mile, TN

Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Day 13 was the day for things to go wrong. Around noon the engine suddenly slowed down then came back up to speed. It would do it every 15 minutes or so. We were still 10 miles below the lock and another 10 miles to the Euchee marina. A brand new 48 ft Krogen had joined us at the Hiwassee River so we had company. The question was would the engine quit all together. I check various things in the engine room. Was air getting into the fuel line, was the primary racor plugged? (I switched it to the standby but it made no difference) I checked the transmission temperature, the shaft log temperature, and so on. Everything pointed to the engine mounted fuel filters. We made it to the lock and had a good chat with Jeff, the owner. (He is planning to do the loop next year and will be at the rendezvous at Wheeler State Park later this month). Jeff said the best place to stop was Euchee Marina which is where we planned to stop. I slowed down 200 rpm for the rest of the way after the lock and the engine behaved. I went to my spares chest and found I only had one filter and not the two that are required. Clinton, the Developement Manager at the marina drove me to a couple of places but we had no luck. He then had his wife call auto parts locations in Athens, TN and she located 3 units. She is driving them down here and I'll put them in tonight. That's service!!  Today's photo is at the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge. This is where the sandhill cranes stop over in the fall on their migration south. Garrison Bluff at the center has a "hacking station" (tall wooden structure) where eagles are grown and released into the wild.

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