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Day 31 Joe Wheeler State Park

36 ft Grand Banks, "Room With A View" (4th boat from the right)It poured rain almost all day today, canceling the dingy race, and much of the boat open houses. This morning we heard a talk on cruising to the Bahamas by Skipper Bob, and then we learned about cruising the canals in France. I spent an hour on another 36 ft Grand Banks, "Room With A View" (4th boat from the right) It is like ours, in beautiful condition,  but built 18 boats earlier in 1981. It was interesting to see the differences that Grand Banks made in the design in such a short time. The main difference is in the forward cabin which is larger in our boat, but we have a shorter forward deck. They have one central A/C unit we have 3 smaller units. Tonight was the final banquet with awards. Tomorrow we are taking a bus tour of Huntsville and then on Saturday we head downstream at 7:30am with 5 other boats

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