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Day 13 Cedar Creek YC to Anchor High Marina

Anchor High MarinaIt rained last night and for the first time on the trip we had fog in the morning. I dropped the car off at Enterprise in Gallatin and was driven back without any delay. The Gallatin Enterprise is a good one to use. Then we went over to the fuel dock and got pumped out and took on 161 gallons of diesel. That should do us for the rest of the year. It is just 17 miles to Anchor High. They say they don’t have transient docks but at this time of year it is not a problem getting a space. There is only one 30 amp outlet. We are using it for the air conditioners and the the inverter for everything else. We’ll have dinner at the restaurant here so we won'’t need the stove. Part of the restaurant is on the paddle wheel boat in the photo. Tomorrow we are being joined by our friend Debbie and her new husband on the cruise to Harpeth Shoals Marina.

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