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Day 18 Eddy Creek to Kenlake Marina

Tennessee RiverAt 12:45 PM, the Katy Leigh arrived at Kenlake after a 32 mile cruise from Eddy Creek. It was a calm, hazy day and we had the wide expanse of the Tennessee River to ourselves (see photo). Our slip was clear of boats and we remembered to lower the mast. We will stay here for a couple more days and head home on Thursday afternoon. During the past 18 days we cruised 761 miles, 712 on the Katy Leigh  and 48 on the RIB. Average speed was 8.6 mph. Average distance cruised per day cruised was 51 miles. The engine ran 93 hours and the generator 48 hours.  We purchased 281 gallons of diesel. We anchored out 1 night. All other nights were spent at marinas. Thanks to the generator, 3 air conditioning units, and our mechanics, Rick and Tammy Nance, we endured the hottest August in Tennessee history and had no equipment failures of any kind. I took 1,500 photos and will have lots of material for the next CD, What to Expect Cruising The Cumberland River.

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