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Day 21 Vancouver BC

The RV Park here is the most compact we have seen yet. I measured our site and it is just 15 ft wide and maybe 40 ft deep. It looks like a RV Dealers yard.

The Capilano River rapids create enough noise to drown out most of the campers so we did get a good sleep. This was laundry and shopping day. At noon we took a bus to Lonsdale Quay and had lunch in the fabulous market there. Then a high speed ferry took us to downtown Vancouver. We walked around for a while and then another bus took us to Granville Island where our friends Tim, Heather and their two young children (<1 and 2) live-aboard on their 48 ft motorsailer (SeeĀ  photo 2nd sailboat from the right).

The docks are owned by a co-op. There are 55 live-aboard boats so it is real community. There are day-care facilities, restaurants, schools and the famous Granville Market all within walking distance. Tim's office is about 5 blocks away. They have sailed around Vancouver Island twice.

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