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Day 40 Anacortes to Leavenworth, WA

It was time to start heading east. I checked the tires and we were off over the Deception Pass to Everett. At Everett we turned left and headed for the Cascade Mountain Range on US Highway 2. It is 2 lanes for most of the way except going through Stevens Pass where it becomes 4 lanes with a 60 mph limit.

We were at 4061 ft at the summit. Apparently the pass was closed with snow until just a couple of weeks ago. Then it was downhill to Leavenworth.

This is an old lumbering town that has transformed itself into a replica of a Bavarian Village (see photo). We got a campsite on the edge of town and walked back. The town was packed with tourists, gift shops and restaurants. Tomorrow we will skip Spokane and go on to Osburn Idaho. We have to make up for the short 161 mile drive we did today.

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