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Day 56 Woodbury to Amana Colonies, IA

The Amana Colonies were settled by German Lutherans in the 1800s. Originally a commune it changed to capitalism in the 1930’s. There are many restored buildings in the area (see photo) and some very good restaurants.  Last year we bought some fabric at the Woolen Mill and used it to cover a sofa. We tried to get some more but had no luck. It seems they buy ends from other mills and can’t reorder. Their own weaving machines only make blankets. 

Amana is near Cedar Rapids where a 1500 year flood occurred in June. The RV Park we are in was 1 foot under water for more than a week. In going through Waterloo Iowa we noticed a number of businesses were closed due to the flood. A Burger King was closed for “renovations”.

Tomorrow we go to Clinton Illinois on our way to New Harmony, Indiana. New Harmony will be our last stop.

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