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Day 1 Jan 12 California Here We Come

We left home at 7:45AM, filled up with gas and coffee and were on our way to Kenlake to drop off some of the new cushions for the boat. At 10:15 we were at the storage shed. The View started right up and soon we were packing all our stuff aboard. I turned on the propane, started up the propane heater. pumped up the air springs, and put the car in the shed.  I had arranged to fill up the water tank at nearby Ryan Marine (see photo). With water in the tank we were underway and headed for Memphis. For some reason I-40 was blocked just before Memphis and we had to detour losing 45 min. In spite of that we got to Brinkley Arkansas at 5:19 just at sunset. We are camped in the RV Park behind a Days Inn. It is the cheapest commercial RV Park I have seen yet at $17 + tax for electric only. We will need electric heat tonight as the forecast calls for a low of 30.  The Mobile WiFi Router is working perfectly with 2 computers and the iPod all sharing the Internet connection.

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