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Day 24 Feb 4 Galveston, TX to Lafayette, LA

Today we got a better look at the massive destruction from hurricane Ike in mid September 2008. We took the free ferry across Galveston Bay to the Bolivar Peninsula and drove 27 miles along the barrier island. The amount of trash everywhere is unbelievable. Even the marshes are full of plastic bags and every other kind of stuff that the wind and surge spread. It would appear the area is still not inhabited with the houses on stilts that survived having no stairs. Tomorrow we expect to stay at a casino in Bay St Louis MS and Friday we arrive at Destin for a week. During the day I had a call from Southern Boating Magazine looking for photos of boats on the Inland Rivers. I found a number and emailed the large photo files via the D-link mobile router while we were driving to Lafayette.

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