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Day 31 July 15 Voyageur Provincial Park, ON to Ottawa, ON

It was a short drive to Ottawa from the campsite but made longer by wrong turns that took us through some lovely Ontario farm country.

In Ottawa I went looking for the Rideau Canal to see if there were any Great Loopers tied up to the lock walls, but couldn't find the canal in the maize of streets downtown.

We passed by the National Gallery's, Maman, a 30-foot spider sculpture at the Gallery's Plaza. The gargantuan bronze spider, by Louise Bourgeois, weighs 18,000 lbs and carries a sac of 20 pure white marble eggs under her belly. Spiders, with their ability to fabricate complex and calculated webs, serve as a natural metaphor for creativity. This artist intended this sculpture to be an ode to the artist's mother, who was a restorer of tapestries. (Thanks to the CanadaCool website for this description as we had no idea what we were looking at when Mavis took the photo out the window of the View.) 

The rest of the day was spent visiting Nortel friends and getting the latest news on the plight of the employees and retirees.

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