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February 13 Day 6 Saturday Grayton Beach State Park, FL

Last night we watched the Winter Olympics' opening ceremonies. It made me proud to be a Canadian. The sky was clear this morning for the first time in a week and it warmed up to 50 degrees. Breakfast was served outside this morning from 7-8; bacon eggs, biscuits, and pancakes. Lunch was a fish fry with pitch-in vegetables and deserts. Music was provided by the "Grass Cutters" a local folk group with 2 violins, base violin, guitar, mandolin, and banjo. The violin on the left was played by the son of one of the people in our group. They were really good. Then we walked around toured motor homes and told stories. I watched a movie of a group member's trip to Alaska projected on the white side of his unit. At 48 degrees it got pretty cold. He had some amazing shots of a brown grizzly catching salmon on stream where he was told there were no bears. Grizzlies just eat the skin and cheeks of the salmon and leave the rest to the eagles.

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