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July 21, Day 18, Wednesday Forest City, Iowa

The morning started right with breakfast courtesy of the local Winnebago dealer. This dealer concentrates on selling View/Navions. He asked each of us to be interviewed on video about our experiences which he will be put on the Yahoo Group. After  lunch we toured the Metal Fabrication & Chassis Plant. They were assembling 42 ft motorhomes complete with fire places. The amount of wiring that goes into one of these is impressive. Today I found one bad crimp in the wiring on our little machine that caused the shower light to fail. I had to remove 16 screws from the skylight to get at the wires and replace the bad crimp connector.  

That night the Bloose Brothers Band from Chicago provided the entertainment. Our long haired friend, Dave, really got into the dancing with a not so young lady from the crowd. I learned later that the lady's husband was not impressed. Dave has a new Navion IQ parked close to us.  He has retired from managing a solar power plant, has a new wife, and is now full time on their motorhome

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