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Feb 14 Day 25, Clewiston, Fl

US Hwy 27 runs from Tallahassee to Miami down the middle of Florida and around Lake Okeechobee. Little did we know that it ran about 50 ft from our campsite at the Palm Beach County's South Bay RV Park. The 4 lane road is used by trucks day and night. Needless to say it was nearly impossible to sleep until we turned on the AC so its fan would drown out much of the noise.  The park map showed a nice lake beside the site, which turned out to be a ditch. This morning we switched to another site which is really beside a lake and very quiet.  I attended the Clewiston Rotary Club for its noon meeting. I sat beside the Corps of Engineers' Manager of the entire Okeechobee Waterway. He said the main issue currently is water quality. It seems that the 140 mile levee built in the 30s leaks. If the water level rises too high during 100 year hurricane rains the levee will likely fail and flood the surrounding area. The best fix is to build a clay wall down the center of the levee at a cost of $16M per mile. This plan is on hold. The issue is much like the Wolf Creek Dam situation on the Cumberland River. Another issue is the sugar cane farms. The headquarters of United States Sugar Corp is in Clewiston. The government wants to reduce the acreage devoted to sugar. USSC will only agree to a total takeover of their lands and plants. This is  another plan that will stay on hold since jobs in a depressed area are at stake.  We spent the afternoon biking on the levee which makes a great bike trail. Tonight we will sleep well.

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