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Did Moving to the Cloud Work?
Sort of: everything was going along really well until we discovered that AT&T disconnected the DSL access to the Internet. They won't allow DSL unless you also use their phone service. Thus, no way to get to the VoIP server in the Cloud. No problem I said, "I'll get a Verizon 4G LTE MiFi. It's super fast and works well at the house". I purchased one at the Verizon store. Then I  bought a Netload Ethernet adapter at BestBuy which should allow the Polycom 650 phone to connect wirelessly to the 4G Mifi. Well, after many hours of work on this by Butler Networks it was determined that the Verizon 4G LTE MiFi won't permit the use of Port 5060. The Butler server in the cloud requires Port 5060. Now I have no idea what a port is but without that port we cannot use VoIP via the Verizon device. With time running out before our trip, I decided to just let the server in the Cloud forward all calls to my cellphone. If I can't answer, then it takes a message and emails it to me. When we get back from Alaska we will work on getting the Polycom 650 to work. It's not something I need on the trip anyway.
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