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July 4 Day 3 Monday, Jonesburg, MO to Ashland, NE

We added two more states today, Iowa and Nebraska. The weather was good but the roads were lousy with potholes that came up unexpectedly. It cost us two wheel covers.  I finally decided to remove the remaining two as there is no way they would stay on for Alaska. The Missouri River is flooding and is expected to be over the levies by Friday. We had to cross this river to continue our westbound route. I-29 was closed at Rockport and US2 was closed so there were no crossings below Omaha. The detour we had to take cost us 95 miles. 

We finally got to our revised destination, Eugene Murphy State Park at 5:00PM after 10 hours of driving. The park is very nice but we were assigned to an occupied site. I called reservations and they said would I mind coming back to the office. I said I would mind, just assign another site. They assigned the next space to where we were and promised to bring me a new card. Tomorrow we will head for Ogallala, NE.           

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