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July 10 Day 9 Sunday, Bend, OR to Woodland, WA

Liz cooked a fabulous breakfast this morning with fresh, free range chicken eggs from the hen house. The scrambled eggs were really yellow compared to the usual supermarket fare. After breakfast we toured the pond and saw its pair of nesting Canada Geese.  

During our visit to Bend we learned all about irrigation, raising chickens, a cat that returns a tossed ball, and running the assisted living center for retired horses. 

Andy advised us to take US126 around Mt Jefferson and along the Mackenzie River to Eugene and then head north to Washington State. The river is formed from snow melt from the volcano and runs swiftly for miles beside the road. 

We left the high desert and entered the rain forest with its immense fir trees.  Traffic on I-5 was heavy and slow through Portland. We stopped at Woodland, WA to do laundry and spend the night. The Woodland RV Park is one of the best ever. Our concrete paved site overlooks and is right beside the Lewis River. Tomorrow we visit my cousin on Whidbey Island.

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