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July 16 Day 15 Saturday, Qualicom Bay to Port Hardy, BC

Good news when we got to the Port Hardy ferry dock; we can camp earlier now starting at 9:30PM as soon as another ferry leaves. We will be in row 5 ready to go on board at 6:00AM for the 7:30 sailing. We started out at 9:00AM with fog along the coast. It rained almost the entire day and the closer we got to Port Hardy the harder it came down. Much of the road is hilly, winding, and with a few snow capped mountains. We stopped at Seymour Narrows a narrow channel that separates the mainland from Vancouver Island. Enormous amounts of water flow back and forth with the tides with currents as much as 15kts. In 1958 a man made explosion eliminated a large shoal in the middle of the channel. 

Before 1958 the shoal claimed 119 vessels and 114 lives from the whirlpools that dragged the ships onto the shoal. Our next stop was at Telegraph Cove. It was the site of a telegraph line to the North Island that was moved to more secure position during WW II. It is a boardwalk community with a population of 20. Many buildings surrounding the cove are built out over the water. Whale watching tours and fishing expeditions leave from here. The whale museum displays the skeleton of a 72 ft Fin Whale (see photo) that was hit by a large cruise ship and trapped between the bulb and the bow stem. It was only discovered when the ship docked in Vancouver.

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