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July 17 Day 16 Sunday, Port Hardy to Prince Rupert, BC

Rescuing the rescue boatBC Ferries took us today on the Northern Expedition 313 miles along the Inside Passage. BC Ferries are like the airlines now with extras at every turn. It cost $22 extra to spend the night in the parking lot. It costs $35 extra for a seat in the forward lounge. 

But dinner was pretty reasonable at $29.95 for a really great buffet which included smoked salmon. The 494 ft. long ferry cruises at 22 mph, is just 2 years old and was built in Germany. It is very well designed and luxurious. Our cabin #230 was well located and on the outside.   The most exciting event was a MOB practice. MOB is man-over-board. A dummy is thrown in the water. The ship made a fast 180 degree turn, a rescue boat was launched and the dummy retrieved. However, in ideal conditions, with no wind or waves, it took easily 15-20 minutes to get to the dummy and another 20 minutes to get the boat back on board. It seems the winch stuck part way down and some kind of repair had to be made. With water at 40 degrees or so, the dummy would have perished.   The scenery is spectacular and the sunset takes your breath away. I took a lot of photos and video.

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